Smania and Eurooo

Smania and Eurooo

Smania and Eurooo company

Smania pursues a contemporary individual furniture style with its smooth lines and boasts an exquisite workmanship of its products. The brand gives preference to the convex shapes that adds more elegance and explicit beauty to the furniture. The magnificient furniture is not only comfortable, but also creates a unique special environment, which opens an epoch of aesthetic personal enjoyment.


Smania with its 50 year-history has become a reference point for the contemporary furniture market. It is a leading company that signifies the future of the European modern furniture market development. Smania's success provided a firsthand experience and became a worthy exemplar for a great part of Italian and even world-famous contemporary furniture manufacturers. Only adopting to the world tendencies and meeting customers’ inner needs can guarantee the company to establish a steady and solid foundation.


Eurooo happens to hold the same review as Smania is also a founder and promoter of a modern home philosophy.

Being considered the biggest in China-European imported furniture integrated platform, the parent company of Eurooo, Casaitaliana, owing to its commercial forward-looking and future-orientated, has grown into the most professional and competent platform of the Italian furnishing services in the Chinese market.